"Action Boys" and "Confession of Murder" director, Jeong Byeong-gil delivers the new action movie, "The Villainess”.

Sook-hee, who was raised as a killer, has her revenge on unidentified men who murdered her husband. However, as she exists, she loses her consciousness and is brought to National Intelligence Service. NIS suggests she live as a secret agent with the new identity of Yeon-soo for confidential missions. She gets fond of her new life as she meets Hyun-soo and dreams of forming a new family. On their wedding, Yeon-soo gets a new mission and it changes everything!

Starring award-winning actor Choi Min-shik and directed by Park Hoon-jung

Cast: KIM Ok-vin, SHIN Ha-kyun, BANG Sung-jun
Director: Jung Byoung-Gil
Genre: Action Thriller
Run time: 122 mins 
Rating: MA 15+
Language: Korea (English subtitles)

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