The makers of ‘Train To Busan” unleash their latest epic zombie thriller where a darkness looms over ancient Korea and sets Humans vs. Night Demons!

Prince Ganglim, one of King LEE Cho's sons who is known for his superior skills in martial-arts, comes back to Joseon after his long captivity from the Qing Dynasty, only to find his home country swarmed with 'Night Demons.' Will Prince Ganglim successfully stop the rampage of 'Night Demons' and save the country?

Cast: HYUN Bin (The Swindlers,Confidential Assignment), JANG Dong-gun (V.I.P.)
Director: KIM Sung-hoon (Confidential Assignment)
Genre: Zombie Action Thriller
Run time: 127 mins 
Rating: MA 15+
Language: Korean (English subtitles)