A Gangster Classic! Grand and electric entertainment from start to finish! – Twitch Film
In 1970s, during the height of political corruption, Gangnam, the southern part of Seoul, is starting to be transformed into developed area. Childhood friends Jong-dae and Yong-gi struggled to get by. Desperate for cash, they get involved in violent political clashes and are separated during one of the skirmishes. Three years later, Jong-dae lives as an honest man with former gang leader Kil-su. Meanwhile, Yong-gi has joined Seoul’s most powerful criminal gang and fights over the lands in Gangnam, all in the name of putting together secret political funds that drive up the value of the city.
Lee Min-ho, KIM Rae-won and JUNG Jin-young star in this action packed gangster thriller by director Yoo Ha.

Cast: LEE Min-ho, KIM Rae-won, JUNG Jin-young
Director: YOO Ha
Genre: Action Thriller
Run time: 135 mins 
Rating: MA 15+
Language: Korea (English subtitles)

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